Brenda Draney

In her oil paintings, Draney works from the space of storytelling and recollection, considering the authority imbued in memories and history. The artist explores how narratives shape through individually and collectively experienced events. Formally stripped down, her inter-play of blank, minimal canvas and isolated representational images, leaves room for the ab-sent and offers a point of access for viewers’ projections and processes of remembering and forgetting. Draney’s stories are rooted in her experiences as a member oft he Sawridge First Nation and the relationships formed between the artist and her community that has been marked by colonial violence, cultural uprooting and social class divide.

Brenda Draney has presented her work in renowned institutions in Canada including Fogo Island Arts, Fogo Islands, Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, Quebec, and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. Draney was part of the group exhibition 'Tell me about yesterday tomorrow’ at NS Dokumentationszentrum Munich.

CV + Selected Press