Politics of the Signifier (tba.)

curated with Franziska Sophie Wildförster

Hadi Fallahpisheh

Henrik Olesen

Ser Serpas

SoiL Thornton

Sung Tieu

05.02. – 02.04.2021

We are pleased to announce Politics of the Signifier, a groupshow taking place at Deborah Schamoni gallery in February 2021. This exhibition wants to bring together works by artists Hadi Fallahpisheh, Henrik Olesen, Ser Serpas, SoiL Thornton, Sung Tieu and Rindon Johnon to engage in questions around recognition proper to the aesthetic and socioeconomic dimensions of contemporary art.

The artists invited share a concern in the context, production and reception of contemporary art and the historically and institutionally limited legibility of forms, materials and mediums as they confront common registers of naming, redirecting the processes of their own signification by engaging in idiosyncratic idioms, peculiar syntax and uneasy semiotic puns.

In times of climactic polarization, politics and languages of recognition in the public sphere and in the spaces of art are revealed as double-edged swords. The exhibition focuses on works positioned in an unresolved dispute between formulating subjects and drawing attention to conditions of their very material subjection: reluctant to justify themselves as either reference or abstraction, container or content, revelation or formal withdrawal, their material and linguistic strategies willingly problematise the predicaments of their own valorization.

How to talk about something without repeating the redundancies of dominant language and thinking? How to establish universality for the particular without becoming sedated by the former? This show wants to demonstrate that the peripheral or vernacular are not to be seen as a structural disadvantage but as a textual advantage harboring potential of transformative productivity.