21.10. – 24.10.2021

  • Brenda Draney
  • Judith Hopf
  • Maryam Hoseini
  • Yong Xiang Li
  • Dala Nasser

FIAC 2021 General Sector
Booth F09

Deborah Schamoni is very pleased about her first-time participation at FIAC.
The presentation features distinct approaches by gallery artists Brenda Draney, Judith Hopf, Maryam Hoseini, Yong Xiang Li and Dala Nasser.
The booth presentation of seminal works explores the potencies of fiction as a tool to reflect our perception of reality. As a common theme of artistic practices, an investigation unfolds into the complex relationships between human beings and their cultural and ecological environment, and the hierarchies inscribed therein. The presentation includes sculptural works by Judith Hopf from her new series “Blades of Grass” and “Phone Users,” which faces a process-based work by Dala Nasser shaped by traces of its surroundings. The mythical narrative of Hoseini’s painting turned sculpture encounters Draney’s vulnerable, personal recollections. Furthermore, Yong Xiang Li displays a pictorial object that oscillates between different states of object- and subjecthood.