Judith Hopf

Judith Hopf, UP, 2016
140 pages, English / German / Italian
Softcover in slipcase, 21 x 28 cm
ISBN 9788867492558

Texts by Roberto Pinto, Letizia Ragaglia, with a conversation between Sabine Buchmann and Judith Hopf

Published on the occasion of her exhibition at Museion, Up presents a significant sampling of Judith Hopf’s work. In her practice, Hopf has consistently addressed the paradoxes and ridicule that spill form high-minded attitudes toward art making and the faith in technology, professionalism, and efficiency. Her works drip humor and yet are at the same time serious and pensive. A long conversation with art historian Sabine Bachmann, and two essays by curators Letizia Ragaglia and Roberto Pinto address the humanism of videos, sculptures and installations that are at once not effortless nor heavy.