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Gerry Bibby
Volvo Life Paint/Power Corruption and lies

22.09. – 24.11.2017

  • Now that they are gone, I could go too

    A certain amount of robots could do the job instead, but he still repeated in order to memorize it: “How fast /it / turns around /it/ with the tongue now equals how speech gets written and stored. Fast enough, and any direction becomes a queer path, any institution a possible thief.” In it, he could see a real potential for libraries to become shadow systems.

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    His newly acquired soft skills aimed at collapsing time, but he could still not catch up with the style of the contemporary industry, fulfilling the moment it prophesizes. Too much of a boy, still...a machine was tracking his moves in the space, like a typewriter, but more modern. He was planning the replacement of the shelves ; about when to do what, to replace them with new ones ; more effective, classier. The order of the alphabet would stay, as would the dates : from 1918 up to some years ago. But the act of typing on the keyboard, the machine would now do /it/, connecting thinking to space, to the fingers maybe. It would all turn faster and automate contact between artists, curators, gallerists. /It/ would make no difference. The gaze would soften. Ideally, in transition towards touch, art and archive would merge.

    Don't fuck up ! With the new system, words would become holes to be filled by a click. Don't fuck up ! Has there been no sex with machines, or infrastructures, ever… no sex between them, nor between us and them? Take these two sentences : “I'm not scared for you. You are in the middle of it.” and “You are so much into it. How do you want me to get into you.” In-between, a sychronizing progressed, a mutual objective recognition, a way to steal each others meaning or senses.

    It is unfortunate. What you call capture has become the process of time itself. What unfolded first as subject, has now become this that annihilates differentiation. Fair enough. One needed the arts then. One would need it now too. One used them as mirrors, now it would be more to distract from a deadly shadow. You might be very annoyed by this, I reckon. You estimate by buying, you subvert it even more. You rather feel you get closer to nothing. You might take pleasure that your arguments can only be understood by the producer of the agency herself, but by none of your relatives. You might take a certain pleasure. You might feel that you are or really could be close to the essence of possession. Perversion and nihilism would rotate here too, faster. The excess of the exchange and the exchange would stand together. Pure joy somehow. The new order of things would make our lies sexy. If you don't understand the heart of /it/. It's pure heart.

    I am not going to tell you the story of the 4th dimension again. But a collection of books is waiting for you. Control has always been at the heart of these library systems BB. In order to oppose, you need to confound. I can make you a touching promise : when distance will be abolished, you will feel the complicity. 

    Text: Joel Schranz