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Art Cologne 2016

AA Bronson & Keith Boadwee

Judith Hopf

14.04. – 17.04.2016

  • AA Bronson & Keith Boadwee, PLAID

    AA Bronson and American artist Keith Boadwee collaborated on an homage to the anus. They have created a painting series titled PLAID, performative works created by squirting paint using their bodies.

    The paintings are simultaneously a nod to and simulacrum of classic modernist serial painting and Actionism both; they position the body, and especially—in Freudian terms—the anus, as the fountain of creation. AA Bronson says: “The asshole IS the revolution.”

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    The series “Serpents” – concrete casts of creatures with tongues and teeth made of printouts of email messages – and the video piece “More” were produced by Judith Hopf specifically for the show in Kassel and were on view for the first time at the Neue Galerie. Judith Hopf’s creatures made of concrete coil and curl around the waves of black moors. The serpent – traditionally a symbol of temptation and deceit – is given another meaning in Gilles Deleuze’s description of contemporary control societies: He compares them with “human [s] of control,” who “is rather wave-like in a continous beam.” The control he describes is a ceasely changing mould, which is validated by adapting to itself. Yet Judith Hopf’s serpents are neither soft nor pliable; they have sharp edges. Once cast in concrete, they no longer want to be bent.