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A.L. SteinerWelcome to the Misanthropocene (Origins of Ecofeminism)

Waterproof Miami, US

01.01. – 31.12.2022

  • In the double billboard by Miami-born artist A.L. Steiner in the Design District, a photo-collage projects theterm “ecofeminism”, coined in 1974 by Françoise d’Eaubonne in herbook Feminism or Death.

    Analyzing ecological catastrophes from a genderperspective, Ecofeminism delineates aninterconnectedness betweenexploitation, oppression and thedestruction of nature enacted bysystemic patriarchy. Steiner’s Misanthropocene relays d’Eaubonne’s + prolific land defenders such as Grace Lee Boggs Berta Cáceres, Rachel Carson, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Winona La Duke, Wangari Maathai, Vandana Shiva, Penny Whetton, and so many others’ tireless advocacy and trailblazing work to remediate human-based destruction. Devastatingly, an average of four environmental defenders are murdered weekly worldwide, with the US leading statistically in the devastation o four beautiful planet.

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    In resisting the ruination of supremacist ideologies that permeate our social systems, Steiner’s billboards ask viewers to take alonger look, in order for the specterto become apparent. Solutions to the multilayered planetary human-made crises we are experiencing (i.e., climate change, climate chaos, global warming, greenhouse effect, etc), reside withinthe concepts inherent in notions of degrowth.

    A collaboration between DACRA, BasFisher Invitational, BridgeInitiative, and Otherwild.

    Text: Waterproof Miami
    Photos: Luis Gomez