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Davide StucchiIf I was John Armleder (What a curator is not supposed to do)

artgenève13, Geneva, CH

30.01. – 02.02.2013

  • This project is a tribute, a role-game, an experiment. A strange form of personification. It is certainly a tribute to John Armleder, the artist and the curator. It is a celebration of his art of mixing and mashing-up; it is a homage to his capacity to create intriguing hybrid forms by the juxtaposition of apparently different elements taken from the store-room of history. Being John Armleder means imaging what kind of exhibition he would do today.
    How would he deal with the latest expressions in the long history of abstraction? How would he temporarily re-combine them in a new mega-mix?

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    How would he image a form of display apt to that? Being John Armleder also means acting in a way that is usually denied to curators. In this respect the project is an experiment; an impertinent act of freedom in arranging a number of different works in one installation. It is an open question about roles, rules and positions. You need to be many people to be John Armleder.

    Curated by Luca Cerizza
    Text: Luca Cerizza
    Photos: artgenève13