KAYA are Kerstin Brätsch and Debo Eilers. Both artists consider their own practices — painting and sculpture — not only as a medium, but the subject matter and the base material of a conceptual and multidisciplinary work. They are interested in continual processes of displacement, variation, and reproduction, in appropriations of digital imaging, as well as of art historical styles. Within their collaboration with Kaya they elaborate on the possible creation of a third body and therewith the potential extension of their sculptural and painterly investigations. What happens if painting or sculpture literally became a body? Above being triggered by the interest in youth and youth culture (aka growing up, and becoming gender), by involving another person with her own background and personal history KAYA is at the same time an approach to explore an unknown territory, an approach to embrace the unpredictable, and diffuse classifications while challenging notions of authorship, originality, and exchange value.
Eva Birkenstock (KUB Arena, Bregenz)

CV + Selected Press